For mentors

Being a mentor for LGIN is volunteer work – it’s also completely free for the teams.

Instead of a pay, you get:

  • opportunities for professional growth & mentor training
  • a chance to help young game professionals
  • a network of mentors and entrepreneurs
  • plenty of interesting discussions
  • a meaningful hobby
  • to find possible future collaboration partners early
  • a way to strengthen our game development community

Interested? More information below!

Options for mentoring

We aim to give each company a personal mentor – a senior industry professional they’ll meet regularly (e.g. once a month) to discuss their development and get support. If you’re willing to commit to a long term mentor relationship, we’ll match you with a suitable team!

Another great way to support teams is to teach a workshop. If your area of expertise is something many of our teams need to learn, we’re happy and grateful to organise a workshop for them with you. We can offer a space, invite the teams and take care of practical issues – you can concentrate on planning and teaching the workshop.

Still not sure? Don’t worry, we can simply add you to the mentor pool and mailing list for now. You’ll be invited to our events and kept updated. There’s time to become more active later on.

Want to join? Got a question to ask? Something else in mind? Contact us!

Supported teams