For teams

Are you a founder or a core member of a young game company? Or do you have a game team and serious plans to become a company relatively soon?

We got a treat for you! Our goal is to support you and your company to take flight faster and less painfully.

Our support is 100% free, with no strings attached – but of course we hope you’ll join the mentor pool in a couple of years, and start giving back to the community. Our events and meetings happen in Helsinki, Finland.

Interested? See below to find out what we have to offer!

LGIN offering for teams

  • A personal mentor for the team
  • Workshops on game development and business subjects
  • Networking with mentors and other teams
  • Coaching to support your growth

All of our support is free of charge.

We reserve the right to change our offering.

Want to join? Got questions? Contact us!

Some of our mentors

Ari Arnbjörnsson

Lead Programmer


Nikolina Zidar


Unicorn Pirates

Chris Hong

Expert Online Programmer

Ubisoft RedLynx

Ville-Kalle Arponen



Karoliina Korppoo

CEO, Creative Director

10th Muse

Santeri Suominen

Chairman, Curator

FIVR, Helsinki XR Center

Pedro Zambon

Market Intelligence Analyst


Timo Halén


Jasmin Dahncke

Senior UX Designer

Mainframe Industries

Aki Kanerva

Founder, COO

Virtual Air Guitar Company

Juuso Turtiainen

Associate Lawyer

Teemu Haila

Chief Product Officer


Juha Huhtakallio

General Manager


Gabriele Aimone

Managing Director

Helsinki Games Capital ry

Jiri Koivuniemi



Pascal Debroek

Head of Customer Service

Hatch Entertainment Ltd.